How We Differ From Our Competition

What qualities are distinct to Affinity Asset Management that I may not find at another investment services firm?

  • The key difference between Affinity Asset Management and other financial services is our philosophy that your investment portfolio is a piece of your overall financial plan; it does not stand alone. Investing your money without first understanding your overall financial situation and long-term financial goals just doesn't make sense to us. We are experienced in first listening to you, and then creating a plan before ever making recommendations for your investment portfolio.
  • Many other investment firms focus only on "returns". We focus on downside risk management in addition to returns. Our portfolios aim for steady growth over time. We do not chase the markets nor "swing for the fence". We want our clients to rest easily with their investment decisions.
  • Our firm's philosophy is to be long-term investors. We continuously monitor your investments. Trading is done only to keep your portfolio in balance and on track with your financial plan and risk tolerance or if managers have changes due to our screening process.
  • A comprehensive analysis of all securities as well as their tax and estate ramifications would take place and be discussed at length.
  • Many financial services firms have a "one size fits all" approach to investing, whereby all clients have the same portfolio/funds regardless of their needs. That is not the case here.
  • Are we living up to our expectations? Our clients tell our story best. Not only have we enjoyed a high retention ratio, but also out existing clients continue to contribute to their accounts each year.
  • Our greatest compliment is that our clients continue to provide numerous referrals, so we may help their family, friends and colleagues.