Welcome to Our Blog

January 15th

Welcome to our blog!  We’re starting this blog for a number of reasons, foremost is that a surprising number of our clients asked us to!  We also felt compelled to offer this blog because of two startling statistics about American’s saving habits.  First, according to a Federal Reserve report published May 27, 2015, 25% of those over age 45 have NO RETIREMENT SAVINGS.  Additionally, a 2016 survey of over 35,700 American workers by Financial Finesse, a company based in El Segundo, CA, revealed that over half of those surveyed reported having no emergency savings.  These statistics mean that a large number of Americans may never be able to retire, and even more are just one financial setback away from disaster.  Taken together, these statistics make it clear that many of us need to do some work to get our financial lives in order.  One of the first steps to correcting these problems is to get the information you need, and hopefully that’s where our blog comes in.


If you have worked with us, you know that we are passionate about financial planning – not just the money management, but the game plan you need to manage your financial life.  We absolutely believe that you don’t get anywhere without a plan and most of us never got the information we need to create a plan.  Think about it.  Did you have a class in school about personal finance?  (There are some excellent classes out there, but very few schools offer them).  How about your family?  Did you get good financial coaching from your parents about money?  American families commonly admit that they spend more time planning a vacation than they do planning their finances!


Our goal will be to post something every two or three weeks.  We want to keep things simple, easy to understand, and full of information and ideas to help you with some of the more common financial planning issues you face.  You will probably see us referring to creating “yellow pad plans”.  These are simple outlines that list major issues and help keep track of where you are in your financial journey.    Our feeling has always been that the best chance of success is to focus on the basics and knock out the key issues first.  Once that’s done, we can work on more complicated things if they apply to you.


We have a list of topics outlined for 2017, but you can feel free to contact us with ideas or questions of your own at [email protected]